From One Extreme To Another

Yitzchak Meir’s condition has improved over the past few days. The doctors have managed to take him off the respirator, and he is breathing again on his own. I am not sure if he is still considered to be in a coma or not, but I would assume so.

So after spending the past few days realizing the possibility that I might have a funeral to attend, we are now faced with the possibility (once again) of Yitzchak Meir getting better and coming home. This possibility is actually quite frightening, because the last time he was here he apparently aspirated his food (something that neurologically damaged children can easily do) and contracted a pneumonia. If he comes home again, we fear that something will again go wrong and we’ll have to rush him to the hospital.

We would be thrilled if God would give our child a complete recovery so that we could take him home. As long as he is alive, it is still possible. But I don’t wish this “not knowing” and “going from one extreme to another” on anyone!

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