Report From Shaare Tzedek

Yitzchak Meir went to Shaare Tzedek hospital for EEG and CT scans. Doctors are not pleased with the results. We attempted to check him in, but balked when we heard that insurance would not cover the admission.

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  1. You know, my Dad is up there in years and has not followed Torah for many years. Since he was a child I iagmine. I’m well aware that he doesn’t have much time left in this life, you mean to tell me that if he was to go tomorrow without following the mitzvot he still has a place? Also my converted Mom?(No salvation needed) and all we have to do is encourage Jews to follow all the mitzvot for the messiah to come? Does this include that the men and women should not be marrying outside of Israel?(Non-Jews) And also the new temple will have to be built for the sacrifices.

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