STOP for Shabbos

This week we begin the Torah anew, starting with the Creation of the World. At the end of the Creation, it says, “vayishbox b’yom hashvi’i” – G-d abstained on the seventh day. But just prior to this it says that G-d completed His work! Telling me that G-d abstained from work that was already completed seems to be superfluous. Therefore, the Rabbis learn that this extra phrase is coming to tell us something new: That on the Sixth day during the sunset period G-d began to create certain creatures, but He ran out of time, and was only able to create partial creatures. These creatures became ones known as the “damaging” creatures.

But there is a problem: G-d created time, and He Himself is beyond time. It doesn’t take any “time” for G-d to create the World or any creatures. So, what are we supposed to learn from these “partial creations” and why didn’t G-d simply finish them instantaneously?

The answer is that G-d is telling me the importance of Shabbos. Even if I have started a project, once Shabbos starts, I must stop my work. Even if this work will be dangerous or cause a financial loss to me!

Shabbos is just that important – even G-d Himself stopped his work leaving something in a dangerous state.

On that note, I am going to stop, as it is almost Shabbos here in Israel, and I have to do final preparations.

Wishing you all a good Shabbos!

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