Holding YItzchak Meir before his bris

Covenant of Abraham

Dear Friends,

Four weeks ago today our son, Yitzchak Meir, was born. After being in a coma and on a respirator, and given little chance of progressing from there, we were able to enter him into the covenant of Abraham Our Father when we had his Bris Milah today.

Two weeks ago, the doctors felt that there was no hope. The chances for recovery were almost nil. He would most likely remain in a coma and receive his food through a tube for the rest of his life. It was at this point that we consulted our Rav and asked him if we should continue to ask the public to pray for him. While we would continue to pray to God to do what was right for us, we felt peculiar asking others to daven for a “refuah shelayma” — at least given our son’s condition. Our Rav agreed. However, after we said Tehillim (psalms) at the Grave of Rachel the Matriarch on her Yahrzeit, we arrived at the hospital to find that Yitzchak Meir was taking a bottle and was out of his coma. He was now in a “stupor,” a medical condition that is less severe than a coma.

During the following days, his condition continued to improve. Today he is alert and is no longer even in a “stupor”. We heard him cry during his bris milah — something we have never heard him do before. Our hope is still guarded, as all the scans continue to show damage to the brain. But we are thankful to God for the recovery our son has had so far. We will continue to pray to God that our son, Yitzchak Meir ben Ella Yapha, should have a complete recovery.

We have always appreciated your help and your prayers, and will continue to appreciate any prayers that you say on our son’s behalf in the future. Our plans are to bring Yitzchak Meir home from the hospital during the next few days. We know we have a long unpredictable path ahead of us, but then life itself is unpredictable. We will just try to give our son the best start we can, and leave the rest up to God.

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