Kever Rochel

Mamma Rochel

Today was the Yahrzeit (anniversary of the death) of Rochel the Matriach. As I drove to the hospital with my wife and my mother in the car, we got to the Gilo neighborhood of Jerusalem and the sign said “Bethlehem Right” (the hospital was to the left). Somehow at that moment I remembered that it was the Yahzreit of Rochel, and suggested that we go to her tomb to say some prayers. Everyone agreed and we drove towards the tomb. However, it is on the other side of the checkpoint, and we were told to park our car on the Israeli side and walk through the village to the tomb. Somehow being exposed during a 10 minute walk was safer than driving directly there.

At the tomb we all offered our prayers that “Mamma Rochel” intervene on behalf of a Jew in need.

Kever Rochel
Kever Rochel

When we arrived at the hospital, we then heard the good news: Yitzchak Meir was taking food from a bottle! He was being fed via a tube since birth, and one particular nurse was working with him since birth to try to get him to feed normally, albeit without success. That is, until today. A few moments after we left the tomb, he began to feed on a bottle.

Who says that miracles don’t happen today?

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