The Tapestry

A Poem by Ella Seltzer

Oh Lord, when will it be
That the other side
Of your tapestry
We shall finally see?

Our tears like heavy rains fall
That in floods gather up
When will they overflow the brim
Of your wondrous cup?

The lonely still searching
For their zivug, their mate
The childless beseeching for offspring
Before Nature dictates it’s too late,
In grief and in agony our mourners wail
Young widows, bereft mothers
When will Hope prevail?

Emunah, our answer, salvation and hope
Our crutch, our consolation
With this we shall cope
It is all for the Best, like a mantra we say
Chuzku v’imzu, ’till the day comes
And Hashem wipes our tears away.

“Oh it wasn’t for naught!” we’ll sigh
But this time in praise and in song
When His tapestry is revealed to us
That was Beautiful all along.

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